The peace required

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Автор: Master Peter Deunov / Учителя Петър Дънов
Година: 1999
Формат: среден
Корица: мека
Страници: 32

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Today, more than at any other time, the contemporary world is in a need of peace. Why? - Because it is peace that guarantees the greatest achievements of culture. The White Race is on more than at any other time, the contemporary world is in a need of peace. Why? - Because it is peace that guarantees the greatest achievements of culture. The White Race is on its path to guarantee its peace. Nowadays there are more than at any other time sensible people who have came to the conclusion that the first condition for the normal development of humanity is peace. That is why today all high-minded and sensible people work for the achievement of peace. In the past ages and races the leaders of humanity used to think that the world would be put right only by means of wars. Later all the leaders of humanity realized that that conception was wrong. The White Race who is the bearer of peace - is fighting for peace - so that Race become the mother of the Sixth Race - the Race of brotherhood among all nations as well. Then all nations will live for one another: the big nations will be the big brother in the family, while the small nations - will be the little brothers. All of them will live in peace and harmony with one another. This is the Will of God, the Creator of the world. When will this time come? - In the near future.
The present humanity is the entree of the new era because the Solar system has already entered the region of the Divine Dawn. When that time came, there will be no conditions for the evil people to live. They will die one after another and the Earth will get rid of them. The new conditions which are coming do not tolerate any evil. They themselves will destroy it. Darkness will lift its curtains up and it will go to another place. Evil will take its investments and it will go to another place where it will set up its own banks offices. It is sufficient for you to read the Scriptures so that you may understand that the future era is not very far away from you. All people today are in need of a sensible and conscious faith. - How will you know the advent of the new era? - In the way you know the rising of the sun. Is it necessary to prove to a man that after the break of dawn the rising of the sun is coming? When the break of dawn of the new life begins to show up the sun is rising already. It is written in the Scriptures that when that era comes to the Earth, the sun will begin to grow dark and the Moon will lose it own light. Then the Son of
Men will reveal this knowledge to the Earth. By the words „the Sun will grow dark" we understand the time when the people will stop thinking that one nation is able to impress its will upon another nation by its force. By the phrase „The Moon will lose its light" - we understand the time when the religions and the religion system stop thinking that they can put the world right.
And so when all nations, all religions and all countries stop thinking that they are able to put the world right, then the Son of Men will appear on the Earth with His knowledge. Men will see this without any means of proving. Mow will you prove to a man that the sun is rising? The rising of the sun does not need any proof. It is sufficient for a person to look through the window or to go out to see and to comprehend that the sun really is rising. Л person should give way to the new heart within himself the heart which is made out of some soft matter and not of stone like his present heart. The soft heart is haven out of the matter of mercy. Therefore, the person whose heart is merciful - is a candidate for the new race. The tenderness of the heart is one of the signs of the people of the Sixth Race. It is written in the Scriptures „I will take their stony hearts away, and I will give them new ones." The rigid stony hearts of the people will be used in paving the streets, while the tender hearts will remain to throb and to reveal to the world the great and beautiful in the Divine life. Namely for that day it is said in the Scriptures that God will instill His Spirit in the tender human hearts and then both small and great will get to know the consciousness of...


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