In the Temple of the Master, volume 2

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Автор: Учителя Петър Дънов / Беинса Дуно
Година: 2016
Формат: среден
Корица: мека
Страници: 288

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All texts that include indicated numbers in
brackets are extracts from the Word of Master
Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) taken from books
published in Bulgarian, and after that – translated
in English. Within the brackets, you will find: firstly,
a number indicating the book we have taken the
extract from (you can look up in Bibliography,
p. 284 – p. 287, to see which this book is, according
to its number in the sequence of listed books; the
titles are given as they are originally in Bulgarian);
secondly, a number indicating the pages of the
extract in the book.

I do not like when someone, having certain
sufferings, keeps complaining to Me. (1/ p. 42)

Not only that I am not going to pray to the Lord
that He takes away your suffering, but I will rather
pray that your sufferings be enhanced. (1/ p. 49)

I might not speak to you at all. (1/ p. 68)

I say: Refer to Me, say it into My ear – and
I shall arrange the question. (1/ p. 114)

Just say it into My ear. (1/ p. 114)

The lower hell is a place I have been to; and
still, this other one, the upper hell, is more fearful
than the lower one. (1/ p. 145)
•From the W 14 ord of Master Beinsa Douno•

However, people die due to the Complete Truth.
(1/ p. 150)

“Sir, where do you come from?” I say: I come
from the Sun. (1/ p. 150)

My duty is only to strike the safety-match, to
light the Fire, and to go on My way. (1/ p. 196)

When someone comes to Me, I put them to the
sword. “My perfection, my advancement…” – well,
I am going to put you to the sword just according
to My own understanding. (1/ p. 237)

If you meet Me, with My beautiful eyes, and
if you begin to pray three times a day, then this
meeting makes sense and is worthwhile. (1/ p. 300)

I am able to do anything. (1/ p. 304)

I do not speak to everyone. (1/ p. 310)

The Lord is the same as I am. (1/ p. 368)

Take the Gospel – and, whatever Christ has
done, you do the same, too. “But I can’ t!” If you
are unable to act like Him – then farewell to you!
(1/ p. 512)

The Sun runs two processes on the Earth: it
makes the dry trees drier, withers them up; as for
those trees that keep growing – the Sun makes
them bigger and gives them greater succulence and
mildness. (2/ p. 15)

The Lord has said, “Let those disciples get
together!” – so I am now getting you together.
(2/ p. 21)

You shall be granted God’ s Blessing. (2/ p. 23)

You shall listen to Me! Each of My words is
Sacred. (2/ p. 25)

Only I am the Master of My heart and no one
else. (2/ p. 171)

We have no bond at all between us and those
who do not endeavour to fulfil these experimental
exercises. (2/ p. 176)

I slightly penetrate into your hearts. (2/ p. 176)

The Second Advent has already started to take
place on this Earth – your turn is coming right
now. (2/ p. 188)

The only thing that is of interest to Me is your
Love. (2/ p. 189)

All of you have come not only to see Me... but
also in order that the Lord may reveal Himself to
you. (2/ p. 201)

Christ will come neither in human form nor in
any other form. If it is up to a form, then behold
Me – here I am, right before you. (2/ p. 206)

So now God is asking you, “Shall I send you
back to where you have come from, or shall I keep
you here?” (2/ p. 206)

I would not like that you placed Me so close to
your eyes that you could see nothing else. (2/ p. 207)

Do not ever doubt in My words.
(2/ p. 206 – 207)

I wish that, after having kindled you this year...
you may never be extinguished. (2/ p. 208)

From My point of view, no matter how many
brothers and sisters there are, let them come to
Me altogether: I shall put them onto the filtering
sieve, I shall blow them through, and I shall see
how many of them will remain up there, upon the
sieve, and how many will fall down. (2/ p. 235)

And thus, having made them pass through ten
sieves, they are all going to be healed. (2/ p. 235)

I say: Drop those matters – it is not the right
time now to give Holy matters to those who do
not understand them. Those people out there are
lifeless puppets. (2/ p. 251)

Dark seems the future of humankind before our
eyes. However, from God’ s point of view, the way
He guides and rules over this upcoming future, it
is something great. (2/ p. 252)

Now, I wouldn’t like you to come to Me telling
Me, “Master, say my name!” (2/ p. 257)

There is a dreadful Eye in the world, and this
Eye beholds everything and renders justice to
everyone. (2/ p. 291)

If I abandon my Spirit, if I abandon my Soul,
if I abandon my Heart or my Mind – what shall
remain in me then? (2/ p. 300)

As for the present life, we are going to speak
about it no sooner than 2000 years ahead from
now. (2/ p. 313)


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